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Frank Olsen Intelligent Furniture is proud to work with and supply our products to National and Independent Brand Partners.

National Brand Partners
Our retail partners include, but are not limited to, Argos, Next, Richer Sounds, Bensons For Beds and Barker & Stonehouse.

Independent Brand Partners
Our Independent Brand partners include, but are not limited to; Chase AV Direct, Arighi Bianchi, The Plasma Centre, Housing Units and Fishpools.

European Distribution Opportunities 
Interested in becoming a European Distribution Partner? Follow this link to find out more.


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To be frank, can you imagine a range of living room furniture or AV furniture so packed with features such as Alexa and Frank Olsen app controlled mood lighting, Intelligent Eye remote technology, Intelligent hidden wireless phone charging technology, and yet, nothing is visible in the design, just sleek, pure clean lines of the award winning contemporary designs ?

Take a look at our living room ranges and AV furniture to understand just what makes Frank Olsen Furniture the leading, most innovative, forward thinking not to mention award winning  (visit our news section) brand in modern furniture. 

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We are one of the first in the market to develop and launch our LED mood backlighting, controlled by either voice or by our new Frank Olsen app.

We are also proud members of FIRA, the Furniture Industry Research Association.

Frank's Fan Club

Find out more about our features and technology

The INTELLIGENT CHARGE TECHNOLGY works by the new mainstream QI standard of wireless charging.

The Technology is featured under the glass top and is not visible when not in use, so the clean lines of the design are not compromised. By simply placing the phone over the charging position, the induction charge will simply transmit power to the phone and the phone will charge and the charging indicator lights will activate confirming the charge is in progress. It is almost magic!

On first purchasing the cabinet, a clear positioning label shows the charge spot, as soon as you are comfortable knowing where to position the phone, simply remove the charge position indicator label and the charger is not visible. Once the phone placed in position, it will automatically start to charge.

Some phones may not support the QI technology without an additional slim charging case. This is just like a normal slim protective phone case but then makes the phone QI charge compatible.

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We're on eBay CTA

The Furniture Clearance Outlet

Did you know about our little sister eBay shop? The Furniture Clearance Outlet.

If we have units left in a discontinued design, or if our products have a few minor imperfections, instead of disposing of them, we pass them along to our eBay shop The Furniture Clearance Outlet.

Take a look at the listings and the great deals on offer by just following this link. Remember, when they are gone they are gone!