Approved Independent Retailers

Frank Olsen is a rapidly growing Brand with a great reputation for value, product quality and strong consumer satisfaction. Frank Olsen has galvanised its market position over the last two years with our well-established retailers as an innovative supplier bringing unique features and value price point amongst a very crowded furniture space. 


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To protect our brand reputation and ensure consumers have access to reputable independent retailers that showcase our products effectively, we have developed an ‘Approved Independent Retailer’ initiative.  Our Approved Independent Retailers represent commitment to our brand, excellent product knowledge, reliable customer support, and an appreciation for the true value of our products and our core values.

If you are considering purchasing a Frank Olsen product from an independent retailer, please see below a list of our 
Approved Independent Retailers.

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Our Latest Innovations

The latest designs from the innovative design team at Frank Olsen Furniture, seamlessly integrating SMART technology; wireless charging and app or smart speaker controlled full colour spectrum LED lighting and contemporary design.