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Inspiration can come from the strangest of places, it was during a family trip to Disney World in Florida when I truly realised that the value of Disney was the absolute detail and the feeling that nothing could be enough to make it such a memorable trip for the customer. When I launched Frank Olsen Furniture, it was this inspiration that drove my desire to create something more than just furniture. I wanted to create a product that the consumer would be proud to own, show friends and feel like they have been served well by the brand through the attention to detail, design, innovation and value.

I could visualise the finished product clearly in my mind and I could see the consumer looking at it with pride and feeling very happy with the value the product has delivered, exceeding expectations. This is what Frank Olsen Furniture had to be about. Being different, driving to achieve things other brands couldn’t, delivering value and connecting with the consumer in the love of the product and a passion for design and innovation.

And before you ask… who is Frank Olsen, well, it just sounded right, so with passion, vision, drive and unequivocally support from my wife who often endured my 2am prototype building on the dining room table, Frank Olsen Intelligent Furniture Ltd was born!

Since the launch we have developed a number of products and we have a Patent application filed with the focus on night time charging. This Patent is the perfect solution to the Hotel industry as wireless charging becomes main stream following Apple’s recent announcement for the Iphone 8. We are now exploring a number of options to licence the technology and design to manufacturing partners globally in the hotel sector.

We’d love to see our products looking stunning in our consumers houses or offices. Please do email a picture to to be proudly shown on our social media pages and inspire others.

And if you wanted to post great pictures and glowing comments on your social media, well, we certainly wouldn’t object.

Best regards

Charlie Graybrook
Founder & Director


January 13 2021

Dr Ranj Singh loves Frank Olsen Furniture

Dr Ranj Singh loves Frank Olsen Furniture
We welcome NHS Doctor and BAFTA Award-Winning TV Presenter Dr Ranj Singh to the Frank Olsen Family! Yes, 2021 started fantastically for us. We are so excited to know that NHS Doctor, and BAFTA Award-Winning TV Presenter; Dr Ranj Singh loves his gifted Frank Olsen Furniture.
March 31 2021

Frank Olsen is Five years old!

Frank Olsen is Five years old!
We are delighted to be celebrating five years in business, proud and thankful to be where we are today. We’d like to thank our fantastic team, loyal retail partners and customers for their continued support.
May 27 2021

We become proud members of FIRA

We become proud members of FIRA
We are delighted to become proud members of FIRA, the Furniture Industry Research Association. FIRA is renowned globally for its expertise in furniture testing, research, consultancy, customer care, ergonomics, training and sustainability.
September 28 2021

We partner with Furniture Village

We partner with Furniture Village
We are delighted to announce that we are now partnered with Furniture village online and in store.