We are working on a new development that will be a game changer in the domestic furniture market.  Making furniture and technology work in perfect harmony in a way that will enhance the way we live and take our expectations of furniture to a new level.  It’s all under wraps for now, but updates will follow close to the official launch.  Exciting stuff……


Frank Olsen Furniture is all about developing truly unique products through research, development and innovation.  We work with specialist factories to develop, test and certify our component parts that come together to make the final product.

Frank Olsen has developed some excellent technology in wireless charging for bedside cabinets and currently has a Patent Application to protect this IP.

We continue to lead the market in our innovations and stride to develop new and exciting features that enhance our furniture in todays  world.

Our team are currently working on some very exciting technology that will change that way consumers interact with furniture. Watch this space, in final stages of development is one of the most innovative advances in technology in furniture. A feature that will be nothing short of a game changer by Frank Olsen Furniture.

All electrical parts are fully tested and certified to all required standards such as CE, EU Low Voltage Directive, Rohs.