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Frank Olsen Furniture is all about developing truly unique products through research, development and innovation. 


Our goal is to create products that customers are genuinely proud to own—furniture that becomes a true conversation starter and a statement piece, admired and desired by others.

Our design teams are dedicated to creating unique products and collections by paying meticulous attention to every detail. This includes developing custom designs and finishes for cabinet hardware and exploring rich, unique colour palettes that are both on-trend and timelessly elegant.

Take a look at our living room ranges and AV furniture to understand just what makes Frank Olsen Furniture the leading, most innovative, forward thinking not to mention award winning  (visit our news section) brand in modern furniture. 



We take great pride in working with an exceptional manufacturing facility, fully dedicated to transforming and developing our design visions into premium products and collections. Their commitment to excellence and attention to detail ensures that every collection we produce meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Over the years, we have built a strong and reliable partnership with this manufacturing team. Their expertise and innovation have been instrumental in helping us bring our creative ideas to life, consistently exceeding our expectations.

Integrated Intelligent Features

As well as exceptional design, our team is renowned for subtly integrating exciting technology that changes that way consumers interact with furniture. We are one of the first in the market to develop and launch furniture collections with integrated LED mood back lighting that is controlled by either voice or by the dedicated Frank Olsen app. 

We have worked closely with some of the leading tech companies to develop a platform so that our collections can all be controlled through the one Frank Olsen app. The LED lighting is also certified by Amazon Alexa and will work seamlessly to control all our products simply by talking to it.

Frank Olsen has also developed decreet wireless charging, which is featured in many of the products in our collections. We continue to lead the market in our innovations and strive to develop new and exciting features that enhance our furniture in today’s world.

Please note: All electrical parts are fully tested and certified to all required standards (CE, EU Low Voltage Directive, RoHS, FCC, ICID RCM, AU SAA, UL and PSTI certification).

SMART Features


At Frank Olsen, we believe exceptional furniture should be both stylish and functional, and easy to assemble. That’s why our IONAELEVATELYRA and AVA collections (and soon to be INTEL collection) are designed with innovative and efficient SMART CLIC Technology.

This advanced SMART CLIC Technology ensures a seamless, robust, and superior product without visible fixings. Eliminating the frustrations of traditional flat-pack furniture, our products can be assembled up to ten times faster.

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Our Latest Innovations

The latest designs from the innovative design team at Frank Olsen Furniture, seamlessly integrating SMART technology; wireless charging and app or smart speaker controlled full colour spectrum LED lighting and contemporary design.