Sustainability Policy & Values

At Frank Olsen Furniture Ltd, we have always been committed to product design and customer satisfaction. However, we recognise that our responsibility extends beyond just providing furniture. That’s why we are also considering sustainably in many aspects of our operations.

One of the key steps we have taken towards reducing our carbon footprint is by transitioning to 100% electric company vehicles. We firmly believe that sustainability starts from within, and our commitment to using electric vehicles reflects our focus on a greener future. 

Furthermore, we have developed an improved automated product ordering software that assists our inventory management process. This software guides us, therefore we only order stock when it is needed. By optimising our inventory and supply chain, we can operate more efficiently and minimise unnecessary transportation.

In addition, our commitment to sustainable practices extends to our office premises as well. Our offices have onsite solar panels to generate electricity, reducing our reliance on traditional energy sources. 

We recognise the importance of responsible packaging in minimising waste and environmental impact. That’s why we are actively working with our key retail partners to move towards fully recyclable packaging. By doing so, we can contribute to the reduction of plastic waste and promote a circular economy.

We are constantly working on enhancing our supply chain and delivery model to make the product journey from our factory to the consumer as efficient as possible. Our team is dedicated to finding innovative ways to reduce the carbon emissions associated with transportation. By adopting a direct-to-consumer model, we have streamlined the logistics process, resulting in a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach.

At Frank Olsen Furniture Ltd we are committed to continuously improving our operations and finding new ways to reduce our environmental impact. By embracing electric vehicles, optimising our inventory management, utilising solar power, and refining our supply chain, we are taking significant steps towards becoming a sustainably responsible company.


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Our Latest Innovations

The latest designs from the innovative design team at Frank Olsen Furniture, seamlessly integrating SMART technology; wireless charging and app or smart speaker controlled full colour spectrum LED lighting and contemporary design.