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Introducing the brand new INTEL LED range

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We are excited to introduce you to the brand new LED range.

The products in the new range continue to provide discreet wireless phone charging compatibility (QI standard). And.. we mean discrete, when it is not in use, it simply is not visible. 

The range also offers LED rear mood lighting, with a full colour spectrum, controlled either by the free Frank Olsen Smart app or by voice command with Amazon Alexa. The lighting can even be set remotely over wifi via the app to come on or off at required times. Change the lighting to change the mood. Ambient, romantic, subtle or flashing and changing colour for fun.

We are very pleased to be one of the first in the market to develop and launch our LED mood back lighting that is controlled by either voice or by our new Frank Olsen app.   We have worked closely with some of the leading tech companies to develop a platform so that our full range and future products can all be controlled through the one Frank Olsen app.  The LED lighting is certified by Amazon Alexa and will work seamlessly to control the full range simply by talking to it! Another very cool innovation from Frank Olsen Furniture.

The new range continues to feature the Frank Olsen Intelligent eye remote control manager.  The Intelligent eye system enables the use of up to 6 pieces of AV equipment to be operated as normal by the standard remote controls with the doors closed and all equipment out of sight. 

To view all the products in the new range, follow this link.
To download the Frank Olsen Intelligent Furniture app in the Google Play or Apple Store.


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