“It’s one of my favourite things” What our customers think of Frank Olsen

When we launched Frank Olsen Furniture, we wanted to create a product that the consumer would be proud to own, show friends and feel like they have been served well by our brand through our high level of attention to detail, design, innovation and value. In our minds, every product has to leave the consumer looking at it with pride and feeling very happy with the value our product has delivered. We wanted to know if we had, in some way, started to achieve this.  So, we went directly to our customers  and asked. Here are just a handful of quotes from our customers. It’s really wonderful to see that vision starting to come to fruition and the Frank Olsen family growing.


It’s not only wonderful to see such a positive reaction about our products, it’s fantastic to see all the pieces of furniture in someone’s home. Amazing inspiration for interior designing and creativity. If you are not already, you can follow Frank Olsen Furniture on Instagram here.