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Frank Olsen Furniture Announces Exciting Collaboration with Pelican Creations and Interior Designer Amanda Aerin

Amanda Aerin x Frank Olsen Canada

Frank Olsen Furniture is thrilled to announce a new collaboration with Pelican Creations in Canada and celebrated interior designer Amanda Aerin. This partnership marks a significant milestone for Frank Olsen Furniture, as it expands its presence overseas, bringing its collections to the Canadian market. 

The collaboration with Pelican Creations, a leading name in Canadian home decor and furnishings, is set to elevate the brand’s footprint in North America.  

Amanda Aerin, an esteemed interior designer with a flair for creating luxurious and timeless spaces, has been instrumental in curating the upcoming Autumn collection. Her unique vision and design expertise have given Frank Olsen’s collections a fresh look, to resonate with the Canadian market.  

The content created for the Autumn launch showcases a harmonious blend of Frank Olsen’s signature modern aesthetics with AMANDA-AERIN’s elegant touch. Highlights include multifunctional living room sets, innovative storage solutions, and smart technology integration, all designed to enhance contemporary living spaces. 


“We are incredibly excited to share the beautiful content that has been created from this collaboration,” said Kirstie Iona McIntosh, Head of Creative for Frank Olsen Furniture. “Working with Pelican Creations and Amanda Aerin has been a fantastic experience, and we are eager to see how our collections are received in Canada.” 

This strategic partnership not only broadens Frank Olsen Furniture’s international reach but also underscores its dedication to design innovation and customer satisfaction.  


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