What is B Grade Furniture?

B grade furniture typically refers to furniture items that have minor defects, imperfections, or damage that render them unsuitable for sale as new or A grade furniture. While the specifics of our B grade furniture can vary, here are some common points that may be associated with it:

  1. Damaged Boxes: B grade furniture often comes in damaged or distressed packaging. This could be due to mishandling during transit or storage. However, it’s important to note that the damage to the packaging doesn’t necessarily mean the furniture itself is damaged.
  2. Scratches: B grade furniture might have surface scratches, scuffs, or abrasions on its exterior. These imperfections can occur during the manufacturing process, transportation, or while being displayed in a showroom. Scratches are typically cosmetic and don’t affect the structural integrity of the furniture.
  3. Small Imperfections: B grade furniture might have minor flaws or imperfections in its construction or finish. These could include things like uneven paint or stain, slight misalignments, or small dents. These imperfections are usually minor and don’t impact the functionality or durability of the furniture.
  4. Dents or Dings: B grade furniture may have small dents or dings, especially on the edges or corners. These can result from accidental impacts or handling issues during transportation or storage. While they might affect the appearance, they often do not compromise the usability or strength of the furniture.
  5. Display or Showroom Models: Some B grade furniture could be showroom display models or floor samples. These pieces may have been handled by customers or experienced wear and tear due to being showcased. As a result, they might have more noticeable signs of use or imperfections.

It’s important to note that the extent and severity of the defects or damage in B grade furniture can vary. What qualifies as B grade might be subjective, and the specific condition of the furniture you may receive is unknown, therefore please consider this before making a purchase. Additionally, the pricing of our B grade furniture is much lower than that of our A grade or new furniture, reflecting the compromised condition.

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